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124cdcf9a2e84742f4a285e9df4a750a1326396057My fiance and I can’t wait to have our wedding and include Sparky and Rocco.  How can you help  us?
Dogs are part of your family so why would they not be there? As your photographer we make sure to get photos of your loving four legged friend going down the aisle. We also have an uncanny ability to get even the most fidgety dog’s slobbery mug on camera. And if your dog needs a little extra attention to ease those spotlight anxieties both my assistant and I are more than willing to cater to Fido’s every need. Marchese199
Tell us about your business.
My business is Creative Light Studio, a photography company with an eye for the photo journalistic. We capture your day as it happens, not what we want it to be. Some of our favorite moments are completely unscripted. We have been in business since 2011 and specialize in weddings. We would love to be there for your big day!
Do you have a great dog/wedding story?

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I photographed a friend’s wedding in Virginia a few years ago. On my way there from Cincinnati, OH I had agreed to take a puppy transport run to her foster home in Maryland. She managed to wriggle her way away from me and play a crazy game of hide and seek in Pittsburgh (about gave me a heart attack!). After dropping off the foster to her new home I headed on my way to the wedding. The day was gorgeous – an outdoor ceremony with perfect weather. The bride chose her two nephews to walk their labs down the aisle. It seemed like an awesome plan except that one of the nephews was only 12 and the dogs each weighed close to 100 lbs. Wilco and Gibson performed flawlessly (thanks in part to some delicious treats)… until it came time to leave. Gibson decided the treats were way better than walking the other direction so he refused to move, eyes firmly planted on the treats. I have a photo of the 12 year old trying as hard as he can to budge Gibson but he was going no where. One of the members of the bridal party had to step in to get him to move. It was something everyone got a chuckle out of.Marchese290
Tell us about YOUR dogs!
Where do I begin?! We adopted our two loveable lugs two months apart from each other (to the day!). Both are 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointers named Zora and Porter. Zora is the smart hunter – she hunts everything from birds to spiders. Once she gets a hold of a scent she will not let it go. We also firmly believe that she believes human hands were made IMG_3875solely to pet her. You could pet her for an hour but once you stop she will shove her snout under your arm to make you aware that you happened to stop. Porter on the other hand is our less needy dog. He sighs and groans like an old man and is the best snuggle buddy you could ever ask for. We technically adopted him from a Labrador rescue because someone turned him into the lab rescue thinking he was a lab. They told us that when they found him he was probably about a week from dying. He had been chained up in a yard and left without food and water. As a result he has some scarring from the chain on his legs and he gets a little anxious when we aren’t around. Zora and Porter were made for each other – they are always falling asleep on one another and sharing everything. They are truly the perfect pair.
Jenn Dwyer
(513) 265-6001
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Bullish on Flower Dogs

Leah, of  Weddings and Blooms, in PA did the beautiful flowers for this wedding.  This cute French Bulldog, in her flowered collar, brought the ring pillow down the aisle and then posed for her cameo photos by Revelation Photography, also in PA.

From Leah McMaster of Weddings and Blooms, Mechanicsburg, PA:

“Weddings have always fascinated and delighted me.  It is such a special day in the lives of  a couple and their families.  So much preparation goes into making the day beautiful, unique, and fun!  Flowers are a very important part of a wedding.  They add beauty, interest, and a pop of color to the overall design of the event.  I have so much fun customizing flowers to compliment the personalities of the couples that I work with.  I am very privileged to have the opportunity to touch so many special weddings with my work.  It is truly an honor.”

From Cindy Strupp of Revelation Photography, Carlisle, PA:

“I started my love for photography through a high school photography class. I have been photographing sittings and events in Carlisle PA and   surrounding areas for over 20 years. Whether a portrait sitting, wedding, or event, I am dedicated to making your photography experience fun and memorable. I  donate a portion of all pet portrait sittings to Furry Friends network pet adoption.”

From It’s a Bride’s Life, “Puppy Love”…..

Puppy Love

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Whoever thought up the phrase “man’s best friend” really meant to say “bride’s best friend” since more than ever, couples are incorporating their puppies into their big day!  I mean, if you think about it…who better to be by your side, than the one who normally – is – by your side?  I am in love with these adorable photos of brides with their furry friends!















































Weather or Not

Us kids and dogs on the east coast have some wild weather coming up, and as scary as it can be for us, it can be even more scary for your dog.  There is a simple, comfortable solution that takes the terror out of thunder, lightening, fireworks, hundreds of cheering wedding ceremony guests, and other scary noisy things; it’s called the Thundershirt.  It’s a cozy little coat that acts like a big hug, with constant gentle pressure that has been proven to reduce anxiety in over 80% of the dogs who’ve worn it. (They also make a version for cats.)  It comes in several different colors (including a heather gray that goes with just about any color of dogl….) and it can be embroidered with your dog’s name.  At 39.99, (with free shipping!)  it’s a simple, inexpensive solution for all those scary times that send Sophie under the bed, shaking and unhappy.    And, as an extra bonus, they’ve partnered with Petfinder to make Thundershirts available to thousands of pets in shelters across the country.  It’s all good! Image

Can Bulldogs fly? Well, if they could The Pooky Professor will get them their Wings!

1. My fiance and I can’t wait to have our wedding and include Sparky and Rocco.  How can you help  us?
I have unique wedding services for Dogs. I am a dog trainer in northern New Jersey, and I teach dogs whatever it takes to have them be included in weddings. I train your dogs to walk nicely (on or off leash ) down the aisle.  I will transport your best friend to and from the wedding, as well as provide pet sitting services after the ceremony. I can help you design outfits and/or costumes for Sparky for the wedding, and I can also help the photographer get that perfect shot, and much, much more!! 
The Pooky Professor 
Dog & Puppy Training Services
Lynne M. Petermann
163 E. Main St. Suite 109
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(973) 444-5880
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“Man’s Best Friends” – Gorgeous ‘Dog in Wedding’ Pictures from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Reposted from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Man’s Best Friend

I recently crossed over from bride to wife and have how caught the wedding bug! I love to gather new or fun ideas in hopes of inspiring future brides. My husband and I have a home in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania where we live with our dog, Nala.

I hope you’re ready for another post of cuteness overload! We’re loving doggies this week, and helping Chicago rescue One Tail at a Time win $25,000. So we thought we would throw in some puppy wedding inspiration with bow ties, ribbons, floral collars, and even capes to make your pooches camera-ready for some fantastic wedding photos!

{bow tie pug photo by Dottie Photography via Love and Lavender}

{Benfield Photography via Style Me Pretty}

{We Heart Photography via Style Me Pretty; Sharyn Peavy via Style Me Pretty}

{Rae Leytham via Style Me Pretty}

{Hillary Maybery via Style Me Pretty}

{Amanda Thiessen Photography via Style Me Pretty}

{Altura Studio via Style Me Pretty}

{Michael Norwood Photography via Style Me Pretty; Thayer Photo via Merriment Events}

{EE Photography and Amanda Marie Portraits via Style Me Pretty}

More Great Dog in Wedding Pictures from Elizabeth Anne Designs …

National Puppy Day

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I recently crossed over from bride to wife and have how caught the wedding bug! I love to gather new or fun ideas in hopes of inspiring future brides. My husband and I have a home in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania where we live with our dog, Nala (see picture at end of post)

Hi everyone!  It’s Christen here, back with some puppy inspiration for your wedding.  According to my pet insurance newsletter, today is National Puppy Day! What better way to celebrate it than with some photos of man’s best friend celebrating his people’s big day right along with them?

{Groomspuppy photo by Amelia Lyon via La Belle Bride}

{Dachshunds photo by John Solana Photography via Style Me Pretty}

{Great Dane photo by Davina Plus Daniel via Style Me Pretty}


{Vizsla photos by Erin Hearts Court}


{French Bulldog Bridal Party photos by Simply Bloom via La Belle Bride}

{Bulldog bride and groom photo by Joe Mikos Photographers via Snippet & Ink}

{Puppy photos by Jen Curtis Photography via The Wedding Chicks}

{Boston Terrier photo by Jenny Ebert Photography via Mr Boddington}

Pretty puppy collars! These flowers are enough to make any bride jealous.

{Flowerdog photo by Celeste Duran via The Wedding Chicks; Puppy ring bearer photo by Jenna Walker via Elizabeth Anne Designs}

{Lab photo by Cedar House Photography via Style Me Pretty; Rhodesian photo by Steven Steinhardt via Style Me Pretty}

{Charlie! photo by Jessica Claire from Ami’s Vow Renewal}

And one more…always nice to come home and cuddle up with loved ones after a long day! Me and Nala after our wedding.

{Photo by my sister}

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