About the Pack

The “Dog Whisperers” behind Vow-wow-wow
(With all due respect to Cesar Milan):

Celia Milton . . . . . Founder, President , Top Dog

After nearly 20 years running an upscale catering business, Celia decided to go back to seminary.  When she left the catering business, it became instantly clear that she had no marketable skills as an employee, so she set out to start “Vow-wow-wow”, dragging Gary and Michael with her.   She is a New Jersey-based wedding officiant, who works with couples who want unique ceremonies. “Couples want to include all their family members in their celebrations, so of course they want to include their dogs also!  I try to include them in any way that they wish; as ring bearers, flower dogs, honored guests. It makes their wedding day even more memorable and fun for everyone.”


Michael Yelle . . . . . . Founder, CFO , Money Dog

After a long talk with Sophie, Vow-Wow-Wow’s Chief Poodle and Founding Mascot, I decided to trade Profit and Loss statements for Poodles and Labradors in “the wedding game.”  Dogs have a subtle way of guiding us, almost like mind control, but they usually have our best interests at heart… especially when there’s a treat attached. As one of the Big Dogs, I’m really proud to be an advocate for certain animal rights and pro-animal groups. Remember, it’s a dog’s world, and we’re here to remove the collars and leashes (unless you’re accessorizing) and to help them run wild through it.  So let’s roll down the window and stick our noses into the wind.  Arf!


Gary Kahn . . . . . . . . Founder, CIO, Web Dog


After being dragged into Vow-wow-wow by my friend Celia (though hardly kicking and screaming …), I began to realize that her idea of a website about Dogs in Weddings had legs – four of them as a matter of fact!  Having spent most of my career in the corporate world managing Supply Chain and Logistics operations, as well as many years involved in the sales and implementation of Supply Chain Management software, Celia and Michael decided I should be the “techie” , and handle all the technical aspects of running Vow-wow-wow. It has not only been, and will continue to be, an education, but a pleasure!


Sparky . . . . . . . . . . .  Founding Mascot, Director of Canine Customer Service, Real Dog







Sophie . . . . . . . . . . .   Founding Mascot, Poodle Community Manager, ‘THE’ Dog!




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  2. Nancy T.
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 09:29:46

    What a great resource — and I love the photos!


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