Amanda loves Dogs (and cats); Amanda loves Ice Cream (and chocolate); Amanda loves the look on couple’s faces when they have that ‘first dance’; Amanda loves creating visual memories that last a lifetime!

Vow-wow-wow is very pleased to present the Photography of Amanda McMahon, a Maryland, D.C, and Virginia Lifestyle Portrait and Wedding Photographer. Look at Amanda’s photos, click through to her website, and her blog – and I guarantee that you will be as taken, as we were, with her energy, her spirit, and her passion for what she does.

How can you not love someone who loves her dog, Ty, loves ice cream, knows that chocolate makes a tough day easier, loves Hawaii , and says of her ‘work’: “We love being the ones responsible for the photographic moments you are going to look back on 40 years later with your grandchildren!”

Please enjoy seeing Amanda’s world through her lens. We did! And when you call her, tell her “Those Dog in your Wedding” people sent you! It won’t get you a discount, but it will make Amanda giggle! Enjoy!  – Gary


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1. My fiance and I can’t wait to have our wedding and include Sparky and Rocco.  How can you help  us?

How can I NOT help you?! I love dogs, and having them as a part of your wedding is awesome, it truly shows their importance to you, and it’s a nice little way to infuse your personalities into one of the most important days of your lives. Having your dogs in your wedding is 100% fantastic and there’s no way I wouldn’t do it and we would have the best time too! 

2. Tell us about your business.

We are Lifestyle Portrait and Wedding photographers with a modern, fresh, and fun approach to photography. We love to have couples who are laid back, outgoing, fun, stylish, aren’t afraid to infuse themselves into every detail and think a little bit outside the realm of normal. We are energetic, somewhat hyper, overly optimistic, honest and real….and we want couples who are just that too! We adore our couples (aka friends) and we are beyond excited to share this moment with them. Not only couples who are getting married, but families, expectant mothers, and blooming seniors!

3. How do you accommodate dogs and their owners?

I love couples who want to put their dogs into their engagement sessions, or even their weddings. We have done several sessions where the dogs are a major part, we’ve even had horses in sessions!
When an animal is involved with a session, we always have an assistant present. While I work on making sure you’re rockin’ the camera, my assistant is making sure they do everything they can to get the animals attention. We aren’t afraid to throw things in the air, make goofy noises, or jump in the air to get their attention! We don’t just want them in the session…..we want them to “smile” too 😉 
4. Tell us about YOUR dogs!

I have one dog, his name is Ty. I post photos of him frequently on my blog, sometimes random and sometimes with a funny little story. He’s a character and he has a very defined personality. He likes to chase the cats up and down the stairs and around the livingroom, and when he’s not chasing them, they’re chasing him.  They do occasionally team up though and cause mischief on their own time 🙂 It’s all in good fun and we laugh constantly at him. We call him Happy Boy because when we take pictures of him, 99% of the time, you can clearly tell he has a big ole’ smile on his face, and that, to me, is the best thing ever.  I love him like he was my own kid….more than ice cream even!  

Amanda McMahon Photography

 Phone: 888-703-4449




 website:  (new site launches May 1st along with our new brand) 




twitter: amandamcmahon

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