Spring Brides are in the air, if you try you can almost smell the Flowers! Meanwhile, check out the great photography from EMinDee Images!

Vow-wow-wow proudly presents another great Wedding Pro, Stephanie Hickerty of  Emindee Images in Florida… have a look! Stephanie’s work just speaks volumes about her dedication to her craft, and her passion for the ‘moments in time’ that she expertly captures for you with her lens. Go look at her website, check out her Blog. I am sure you will be as impressed as we were here at Vow-wow-wow, when we first saw her brilliant photography! – Gary
1. My fiance and I can’t wait to have our wedding and include Sparky and Rocco.  How can you help  us?
I love dogs…I have 2 myself.  I’ll be more than happy to photograph your dogs with you….and if you let me know what kind of dog(s) you belong to, I may carry a treat or three in my pocket!

2. Tell us about your business.
I’m a “passionate” wedding photographer.  I’m passionate about my couples and I’m passionate about my photography.  I love capturing those details, special moments, and emotions…all those things that will make you catch your breath when you look at your photos.  

3. How do you accommodate dogs and their owners?
I shoot them!  No not literally….just with my camera! lol  As a dog lover, I love to shoot owners interacting with their dogs. 🙂

4. Do you have a great dog/wedding story?
I shot one wedding where the dog wasn’t allowed to attend (he’s an undercover Homeland Security dog….shhhhh).  The bride & groom had someone drive almost an hour each way to pick up their dog and bring him to the venue so they could get some shots outside with their dog.  Their dog really loved his owner’s bouquet….the photo shoot turned into a game of keep away! lol  He did get his paws on it eventually and took a few bites of the flowers.  We were able to resurrect her bouquet a bit after he left.  The bride had a great sense of humor, thank goodness.

5. Tell us about YOUR dogs!
I just love my dogs!  They’re both rescue dogs.  Holly is the most wonderful, docile Golden Retriever/German Shepard mix and is now about 14 years old.  I rescued her from the animal shelter almost 9 years ago.  About 6 months after Holly joined our family, I got a call from a friend…who had a friend that needed to get rid of the dog he just rescued.  I offered to house the dog temporarily until I could find her a home.  Well….you know how those stories go.  I became the proud owner of Jesse, then a 4 year old)…a very hyper border collie that loves bubbles and frisbees.  And when those aren’t available, she’s more than willing to bring you any sock she can find in order to play fetch.  They are two total opposites…crazy hyper but sweet, and totally calm and even sweeter.  Yep, they’re my constant pals when I’m editing.  I’d take them on shoots, but Holly would drive everyone crazy trying to get petted, and Jesse would drive everyone crazy wanting to play! lol   







Stephanie Hickerty

“Passionate Photography”
… serving South Florida, The Florida Panhandle, and Destination Weddings

Website: www.EMinDeeimages.com


phone: 561-308-7984


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