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— Women Prefer Hot Dogs to Cool Guys — One Third Say “If My Dog Was A Man, He’d Be My Boyfriend!” —


Date: January 30, 2006    (Note: OK …OK  we know it’s dated, but Vow-wow-wow didn’t exist then)

This Valentine’s Day, forget romance, it’s all about Rover. According to an AKC survey of dog owners, an overwhelming majority of women – nearly 90% – find at least one quality in their dog that they’d like to see in their significant other, while 34% percent of the women surveyed agreed with the statement, “If my dog was a man, he’d be my boyfriend!”

When the question was posed to men, 33% said the number one canine quality they wished their women had is “always being in a good mood.” Fewer men than women (23%) agreed with the statement “If my dog was a woman she’d be my girlfriend.”

Additional canine qualities women look for in men: • Perennial good mood (25%) • Always willing to spend time with you (21%) • Always up for cuddling on the couch (20%) • Motivates you to exercise (12%) • Eagerness to eat your cooking (11%)

Additional canine qualities men look for in women: • Just as happy to hang at home as go out on the town (16%) • Always greeting me enthusiastically when I get home (15%) • Doesn’t get mad when I want to watch sports (15%) • Being up for anything I want to do (11%)

“We know people love dogs, but we conducted this survey to find out just how much this fixation with Fido affected even their interpersonal relationships with other people,” said Gail Miller, spokesperson for the AKC. “Dogs are so important to their owners that they can, in many instances, make or break a relationship. If you really want to please your partner this Valentine’s Day, you might be better off buying chew toys instead of chocolate!”

The poll also found that: • When it comes to meeting women, 58% of men said a puppy is a foolproof babe-magnet in the park (only 25% said a baby is better). Forty-six percent of women said they’d stop and talk to anyone with a cute puppy. • Before you date a dog lover, make sure you like their dog too! A whopping 66% dog owners said they wouldn’t even consider dating someone who didn’t like their dog. • Make sure your mate’s feelings for you are genuine! Fourteen percent admitted they might continue dating someone they didn’t like all that much, just to spend time with their dog. •

Dating is hard work, but particularly so if one owns a dog. One in seven dog owners (15%) said that their significant other has become jealous of their relationship with their dog. Reasons for the jealousy included, “Because I dedicate so much time to my pet,” (43%); “The dog likes me better,” (33%); “I prefer to cuddle with my dog rather than my mate at night,” (12%); “Things have been tense ever since I did more for the dog’s birthday than my significant other.” (3%). •

Ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you about the special bond they have with their pet – 18% of dog owners said they either have included (or would include) their dog in their wedding ceremony. That trend is likely to continue as those under 30 years of age are 17% more likely than those 60 and up to say “I do” with their dog by their side (27% to 10%).

Some say you should let sleeping dogs lie, but you better make sure they’re not lying on your side of the bed! Twenty-one percent of dog owners said their pet regularly sleeps in bed with them, with women more likely than men to allow the practice (25% to 16%). Forty-four percent of men and women actually admitted their dogs get more room in bed than they do! • Canine custody is no laughing matter. If things go awry with your significant other, be prepared for a battle. Sixty percent of dog owners said if they split up with their significant other, they’d definitely get the dog. Married dog owners were more than twice as likely as their single counterparts to say they’d have to call in Judge Judy to settle ownership (14% to 6%).

The American Kennel Club study about dog ownership habits, which was conducted by Kelton Research in August 2005, surveyed a national probability sample of 1,000 adults (500 dog owners and 500 non-dog owners) in the U.S., 18 years of age and older. The margin of error is approximately +/- 3.2 percent.

The American Kennel Club (AKC), founded in 1884, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of purebred dogs. The AKC maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world, oversees the sport of purebred dogs in the United States, and along with its nearly 5,000 licensed and member clubs, educates the general public about responsible dog ownership. More than 18,000 competitions for AKC-registered purebred dogs are held under AKC rules each year including conformation, agility, obedience, rally, tracking, herding, lure coursing, coonhound events, hunt tests, field and earthdog trials. Affiliate AKC organizations include the AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC Companion Animal Recovery and the AKC Museum of the Dog.

 For more information, visit http://www.akc.org/.

The American Kennel Club® and AKC® are registered trademarks of the American Kennel Club.

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