Koda Bridal is the Vow-wow-wow of Gowns!! and they love Dogs too!



“Sometimes, I hear about an entrepreneur who has  hit upon an idea so obvious that it makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it first. Mary Beth Ryfun is one of those entrepreneurs. Her bridal shop, Koda Bridal caters to brides of all shapes and sizes, offering them a delightful and inspiring shopping experience.  It is truly worth a trip from anywhere”  (from Celia Milton)

1. Tell us about Koda  Bridal.
Koda Bridal is the Premier Plus-size Dress-tination.  We only carry dresses sized 16-30 based on the idea that everyone can fit into a size bigger, but no one can fit into a size smaller.  We can get whatever size is needed.  We carry veils, accessories, bridal, maids, mother’s and special occasion dresses. We are located in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.   
1.5  How did you get this brilliant idea?


I went with a friend to look for a wedding dress.  She, nor I, am a size 6. We discovered that most places have a limited selection of plus-size dresses.  So instead of being this wonderful day of picking out a wedding dress, it became a disgruntled, out-of-sorts, depressing day.  We thought about this and decided that there were probably more women out there who had the same experience as we did. We then thought, what about if we opened a store that only had bigger sizes? Everyone can fit into a bigger dress and pull it smaller, but the opposite isn’t true at all.  We wanted every woman to have the wonderful experience that picking a wedding dress should be.  We did research, a lot of labor, and a year later, Koda Bridal was born! 


 2. How do you accommodate dogs and their owners? 

 I have no problem if a bride wants to bring her pooch with her to decide on a dress.  As long as they are well behaved and potty trained, come on in!  The tailor in our building feels the same way, and keeps dog treats for all the dogs who visit him.  Once we get our costs paid off, we will donate a percentage of sales to the local animal shelters, because there are so many animals who need a good home!  

3. Tell us about YOUR dogs!

Koda, Chloe and Samantha

I have three dogs, all rescues.  The eldest is Samantha, a brown, corgy-shepard-husky?? mix.  She loves to play ball, and is relentless once you throw it for her the first time.  The younger two are Koda and Chloe  They were supposed to be labs, but they stopped growing and got really skinny, and dug up all the grass racing around! They are whippets.  Koda is the black one and Chloe is the white one.  These little girls were abused and left on someone’s front porch by the time they were 10 weeks old.  Chloe was so scared she wouldn’t get off the couch to eat, play or go potty, for a month.  We had to carry the food to her, and pick her up to take her outside.  They have adapted really well, and are the sweetest dogs ever.  Koda likes to hang out upside down and Chloe likes to steal Sam’s ball when they play.  


Koda and Chloe


Mary Beth Ryfun
246 Washington Rd.
Pittsburgh PA 15216
(412) 343-3212

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