“Making Up is Hard to Do”, so let Deeva Beauty match your poodle to your eye shadow! Ruff!

Everyone wants to look the best on their wedding day, and Deirdre Mahon, of Deeva Beauty, can help make you (and your puppies) all glam for your white carpet moment!




     DeeVa Beauty is a mobile makeup service located in Nutley, NJ and serving NYC and North/Central New Jersey.  Great customer service,  quality products, and proper hygiene are always top priorities to us. Whether your preferred look is soft, subtle and romantic…or glamorous, dramatic and ‘hot’, your vision is our goal.  It is our mission to empower all women thru helping them look great and feel better about themselves, while at the same time ‘giving back’ and helping abused and abandoned animals with a portion of service. When you choose DeeVa Beauty, you truly are “Beautiful…inside and out”! 


Dogs are always welcome at my Nutley, NJ location where all trials are held. Deeva and Lily would love the company and will always share their toys…and a dog treat or two. Feel free to bring your pooch as long as the dog is well behaved and another friend is accompanying them to supervise while I am catering to the bride. Day of wedding I travel to you at your preferred location, and as I have no fears, your dogs are free to roam around…..but please note  they are not allowed to play in my makeup bag without a supervised lesson from me first. 




If you have an all white dog you can think about dying them a specific color…but please use only food coloring and not harsh dyes. There are many colors now, just look in your baking needs aisle at your supermarket for the food coloring. Deeva and Lily usually have their ears or tails colored pink.

Also, what about the bride that loves dogs, but doesn’t have one of her own for her own wedding? Wants something, cute, different, and something that all her guests will be talking about AFTER the wedding? Don’t have a cute little flower girl to walk down the aisle?

 Think about ‘rent a pooch’.  My very own Lily Love is available to walk down the aisle for you, with her ears dyed to match your color scheme…if you prefer.

She is adorable, loveable and her sole purpose on earth is to make you smile and bring joy.


Deeva is a rescued 5 year old miniature poodle who is the mascot for my company.

Lily is a 3 year old toy poodle that I just had to bring home because after knowing Deeva I will forever love the poodle breed.

What can I say about my girls, Deeva Darling and Lily Love? Deeva loves to chase squirrels…Lily loves to lay in the grass and rip it all up and eat it.

Deeva is so sweet, calm and submissive indoors…but outside she pulls, barks at every dog, and takes too long to relieve herself.

Lily steals ALL of Deeva’s bones and likes to eat the cats’ food. 

They both love to roll in duck poopee if given the chance…which I DON’T!!!

Are they perfect? Maybe not to someone else…but to me ABSOLUTELY!!

Do I think they are the best dogs in the world? ABSOLUTELY!!

Am I glad I rescued them both? ….not only am I glad…I would love to get them a little poodle brother!!

I also have three cats, BooBoo, Ozzie, and Juicy..  

DeeVa Beauty


Nutley, NJ     908.247.0244

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. celia
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 09:18:21

    Aren’t they the cutest? I’d absolutely rent them for my wedding day!


  2. Sheila
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 11:16:52

    Happy to see that animals are included in wedding day festivities. Deeva looks like a good place to get your makeover.


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