Has a Great Dane ever cut the Cake? Not if your dog-friendly Wedding Officiant has what to say about it!

My friend and colleague Rev. Judith Guasch creates personalized, ceremonies for couples in Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Her vast experience and calming personality make it possible for every couple (and every dog) to enjoy their wedding day!
1. My fiance and I can’t wait to have our wedding and include Sparky and Rocco.  How can you help us?


Brainstorming!  The first place to start is by brainstorming about HOW you want to include your pooch in your day.  Do you want a four-legged ring bearer or flower girl?  Do you want your pal to be beside you during the ceremony?  Maybe you want them to come running down the aisle to you when you are introduced.  The possibilities are endless! 

2. Tell us about your business.

 As a Wedding Officiant, I have the pleasure of overseeing the piece of the day where most pets are involved.  Let’s face it, you don’t see many Great Danes helping to cut the cake!  I love working with my couples to create a personalized ceremony which includes all the important players.  If Uncle Ronny is a fantastic reader, and you want him to read something from your favorite child’s book, we will work that in.  By the same token, if you want to include your pooch, we will include them as well. 

 3. How do you accommodate dogs and their owners?

 Well, since I’m mainly focused on the couple during the ceremony, most of the accommodating is done by people other than the couple, or me.  I DO however, bring dog treats so that Rocco and I can get to be friends before his big moment in the spotlight.  I also am not persnickity if Rocco decides to wander during the ceremony.  As long as he is quiet and doesn’t attack the guests ~ or cake ~ I’m fine.  AND having done about a dozen weddings with dogs, (and as a theater props director once upon a time, I was also the dog handler for The Wizard of Oz…) I can help with tips in keeping Rocco content or doing what you hope he will when his big moment comes along.

4. Do you have a great dog/wedding story?

I think one of my favorites is the bride who wanted her pug to be more than just a ring bearer.  She and her soon to be husband love riding motorcycles, and so he wanted “the guys” to enter the wedding ceremony on their Harley’s.  She wanted her special touch to be her pug, and so she decided that her father, her mother AND her pug would escort her down the aisle to her groom.  The wedding was in their 4 acre back yard, so after his job was done, he found a shady spot in the grass to lay down and watch the activities.  Never did hear him bark, even with all the people buzzing around all day.

 5. Tell us about YOUR dogs!

I believe there are two kinds of dog people… BIG DOG people and LAP DOG people.  We are the latter.  In fact, with two dogs they still total less than 20 pounds!  We have two miniature dachshunds, one short hair black with red tips named Rosebud, and the other a long hair silver dapple named Stormy Skyy.  But, like chocolate candies you can’t quite seem to stop eating, we will be adding a third to our crew!  She is actually the full-blooded sister to Stormy Skyy, and is a long hair red with some slight black dapples.  I can’t tell you her name, because that is the ongoing family debate… the top running names in contention are Schnitzel and Pebbles!  I STILL cannot believe we are going back to puppy stage just when our two were done chewing!!!   But anyway, I just don’t think a house is a home without a furry friend… or two… or three….

 Rev. Judith L. Guasch, M.Div.




When you want someone to care as much as you do…..  



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