Daylight Savings Time at last! More sunlight and warmth to have your Dog at your Wedding Ceremony, your way !! » STF_4889a


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  • Repeat Roses; Spreading Joy One Bouquet at a Time July 2, 2014
    Your florist did a fabulous job; there are roses and peonies and trails of ivy everywhere. Now the wedding reception is over and those beautiful flowers have no where to go!    Actually, they do! A wonderful non-profit called Repeat Roses will connect you to a recently engaged couple who will come and collect all […]
  • Ring in the new June 2, 2014
    Your wedding rings are not only an outward symbol that you have made a life long commitment to the person you love the most, they can be a gracious reminder of your heritage. These beautiful rings are from a website called, appropriately enough, “Rings from Ireland“. Many of their selections feature traditional elements like Celtic […]

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